Getting rid of the pain in the spine and joints
21248More than 80% of human diseases are associated with the problems arising in the area of the spine, as all the work of the internal organs depends on the peripheral nervous system. Thus diseases of the spine are the root cause of most diseases, the treatment of which requires a lot of effort and time costs. The method of use of electrotherapy with karipain drug is an effective treatment for diseases of the spine and large joints. Karipain – is a highly efficient, enzyme preparation, which includes:

  1. Papain – plant enzyme derived from the juice of papaya fruit. It has the ability to selectively act on the cartilage of the spine and joints.
  2. Bromelain – plant enzyme derived from pineapple fruit, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action and also reduces edema.
  3. Collagenase – animal enzyme which acts on the collagen (the main component of connective tissue).
  4.  Lysozyme – contributes to the stabilization of the enzyme complex when dissolved.

The effect of karipaina

Karipain, which is administered by electrophoresis, enhances the regeneration of intervertebral disc tissue. The disc becomes more supple and elastic, restores its natural shape and function of the shock absorber. Karipain promotes lysis of necrotic structures of hernial protrusion, as a result of which it is softened and reduced in size.
The incarceration of nerve ending is released and back pain gradually goes away. Also improves microcirculation in tissues and the inflammatory process stops. The advantage of using electrophoresis techniques with karipain is that appears:

  • opportunity to avoid surgery;
  • local administration of the drug, which provides targeted effect;
  • high bioavailability;
  • affects the cause of the disease
  • effective, painless and safe method;
  • availability of use.


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