Gynecology: when it is necessary to visit a doctor
The gynecology deals exclusively with women's sexual health. That is why the word is translated from the Greek: logos - science, gyne - woman. The first visit to the gynecologist is planned after the start of menstruation, and then - after the onset of sexual activity. Finally, it is the holy duty of every woman to visit the gynecologist once in half a year.
Unscheduled visit to the gynecologist
There are a lot of important periods in the women's lives.  You can not do without control of the specialist gynecologist at this time. S(he) monitors the health, corrects, treats, makes recommendations, appoints preventive measures.
  • Unscheduled visits should be planned in such cases:
  • Planning for pregnancy and child birth.
  • The difficulties in conceiving (suspected infertility).
  • Irregular menstruation or the lack thereof.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen.
  • Vaginal discharge (leucorrhea or spotting, not related to the menstrual cycle).
  • Discharge from the nipples, their swelling and soreness.
  • Itching and burning of the genitals.
  • The need to use barrier methods of contraception (installation and removal of the helix, etc.)
  • Weakness, malaise, fever, combined with any of the above symptoms.
The groups of diseases the gynecologist treats
Diseases that are administered by a gynecologist, divided into large groups. Many diseases can be asymptomatic, and the woman do not even realize that her body passes through the inflammatory or infectious process.Sometimes, diseases attack in combination, so it is important not to confuse their symptoms and determine the cause of ailments correctly. Consultation of gynecologist will help to get rid from further pain and discomfort.Infections and inflammationsThe reason may be fungal, bacterial, viral diseases that cause inflammation, pain, fever,the destruction of tissues or epithelial layer of the genitals. Almost always, the immunity is reduced, the woman feels the weakness and lack of energy. Genital infections are often confused with the common cold, it is important to to see a doctor and be diagnosed in time.
  • Inflammation of the uterus and ovaries, appendages.
  • Diseases of the urinary system.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) - candidiasis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis.
  • Viral pathogens (herpes, papillomavirus caused by cytomegalovirus).
It is necessary to pass the tests for genital infections, to determine the etiology of the disease. Gynecology in Kiev provides these opportunities to all.Failures in the endocrine systemIt would seem that the endocrinologist should be engaged in these problems. But hormonal sphere is inextricably linked to the endocrine organs, which emit the majority of hormones. Abnormalities are associated with hormonal disorders. And it affects the well-being and mood, and at the sexual life of a woman. The result may be:
  • irregular periods;
  • soreness of genitals;
  • the extinction of sexual function before the time;
  • erosion, dysplasia;
  • developmental disorders of tissues (oncology).
In order to eliminate these diseases or to begin to treat them in the early stages, it is necessary to pass tests on hormones.
Diagnosis in Gynecology
Our clinic has a modern diagnostic center. The special diagnostic packages are developed for women of all ages. Depending on the problem, our patients can choose one or another diagnostic package. Baseline researches represent such complex surveys.
  • Health screening up to 40 years and after.
  • Instrumental diagnostics (US expert, vaginoscopy etc.)
  • Hormonal correction.
  • Laboratory diagnosis.
Treatment in Gynecology
Our specialists have a wide European work experience based on the techniques of the world's largest clinics. Our innovative equipment reduces treatment time and make it more effective.
  • Laser treatment of cervical erosion.
  • Radio wave removal of benign tumors.
  • Pulse therapy.
  • Radio wave therapy.
  • Rehabilitation and restoration by the latest physiotherapy methods.
The main plus of the procedures we offer:
  • The good result in the short time intervals (often - after the first procedure).
  • Patients do not feel the discomfort, because all methods are absolutely safe.
  • The absence of rehabilitation period, which is very important to save time of the modern woman.
Consultation of the gynecologist in Kiev in our clinic will surely bring you the best results.
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