Candidiasis Treatment

What is mycotic vulvovaginitis or thrush know no less than 85% of women. By the age of 23 years, many women have been ill with it for 2-3 times. Why do some suffer it with the frequency of flu, while others – don’t know what is this, what are the symptoms of thrush, the major mistakes of its treatment, and most importantly – how to treat it right?

Vulvovaginal candidiasis or thrush: source of problems

This is a complicated name for the usual fungus. It is fungus because unpleasant cheesy discharge, lechenie-molochnicy-2itching and discomfort is caused by a fungus Candida. Its account for more than 150 species. Two dozen of them live in the human body.

During the manifestations of thrush, candida affects the vagina and vulva, which are inflamed. The cheesy white coating appears on the mucosa. The main source of the problem – the fungus Candida albicans.

This fungus is one of the components of the vaginal microflora and the oral mucosa. When there are favorable conditions for it, the fungus grows, causing a lot of trouble for women. In women it causes coleitis and in men – balanoposthitis, also known as inflammation of the glans penis and (or) the foreskin.

Why do some have a thrush, while others don’t?

If the fungus is constantly in the body, why suffer from it only the elect? Studies have shown that the symptoms of thrush often occur after heavy stress in women with reduced immunity, with untreated inflammatory and infectious diseases of the genital organs. Vulvovaginal candidiasis also affects those who are not attentive to personal hygiene.

Note: thrush – is not sexually transmitted, yet infectious disease. If you treat it yourself (and wrong!), the fungus makes itself felt more and more aggressive. Some experts believe the disease is a manifestation of an allergy to Candida. Therefore of thrush causes are manifested in a reduced immune response of the body. In this case, the treatment is complemented by immunostimulating drugs. What triggers mycotic vulvovaginitis There are provocateurs factors of growth of the fungus in thrush. In addition to lifestyle, it is also a disease of which the woman can not even suspect. Flowing in a latent form, it activates the pathogenic microflora, and stress and weakening of the body complete the picture. What are the manifestations of the disease contribute to mycotic vulvovaginitis?

  • Obesity, diabetes, and other conditions associated with metabolic disorders.
  • Changes in hormonal levels (including at the time of menopause, before and after birth, during adolescence, against the background of thyroid disorders).
  • Tuberculosis, AIDS, infectious diseases in the chronic form.

Symptoms of thrush

Inflammation of the vaginal walls are accompanied by swelling, burning, unpleasant white discharge with unpleasant odor. In addition, the woman feels:

  • Itching genitals.
  • Pain, swelling and redness of the labia.
  • Strong sensitivity of external genitalia.
  • Discomfort during urination.
  • The inability to perform sexual intercourse due to pain, itching and burning of the vagina.

Diagnosis of thrush

Many consider thrush a harmless disease. The reason is simple:television presents a lot of information about it with certainty that these magic pills or suppositories will help to instantly cope with adversity. In fact it is not. Your situation may be not the same as on the screen.

  • Thrush is often complicated by other diseases, therefore you need to develop a special scheme of therapy.
  • Typical symptoms may be caused by rare species of fungus, not amenable to conventional treatment regimens.

“In trying to apply the” magic pill “from the advertising, thrush can become more aggressive. Or – even worse – temporarily disguise, and then emerge with renewed vigor. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis to establish a form of the disease, overt or latent complications, and a variety of fungus it caused, “- says Anna Vitalievna Polosenko, obstetrician-gynecologist.

Then it is necessary to identify the pathogen sensitivity to certain antifungal drugs, and discover the cause with professional methods – perhaps this is not mycotic vulvovaginitis, and other type of inflammatory infection. This will help your doctor to make a truly effective antifungal program.

lechenie-molochnicyThrush treatment

Candida spores mature in 14 days. Therefore, do not expect to get rid of thrush in 1 day with two-three tablets. You must go through several stages of treatment. It is appointed individually by the physician:

  • oral antifungal preparations;
  • candles and ointments;
  • fungicidal solutions;
  • probiotics;
  • immunomodulators;
  • vitamin therapy.

Treating thrush in Kyiv

Treatment in our clinic, is accompanied by powerful modern methods of physiotherapy: laser and ultrasound therapy BTL-5000, magnetic pulse BTL- 09. They help to quickly remove the swelling, get rid of the inflammation, and enhance immunity.

As a result of the first procedure, lymph and blood circulation is improved, pain, itching and discomfort go away. Timing of treatment is significantly reduced, and the quality of care remains at the highest level. Our experts will help you professionally to cope with any kind of thrush – from the first of its earliest manifestations to long-term chronic course.

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