Cervical erosion
Cervical erosion is manifested by defects and destruction of the epithelium, carpeted its surface layer. It looks like a bright red tissue surrounding the external orifice of uterus. Epithelial cells of the cervix channel spread farther than they should anatomically – in the cervical vaginal area, and are not where they are meant to be by nature.Complications of erosionErosion (synonym – ectopia) leads to inflammation, pain, bleeding from the vagina. But not always. In most cases, a woman learns about the disease only at the reception gynecologist. The treatment of cervical erosion is necessary regardless of symptoms, it is insidious in its manifestations.The biggest problem – the disease is asymptomatic until it is chronic stage, which is more difficult to treat. So young women after the onset of sexual activity must be at the checkups and consultation at the experienced gynecologist 2 times a year.Diagnosis of erosionkolposkopiya_kievThe primary method of determining the erosion of the cervix is colposcopy. Our clinic has its own diagnostic center of modern foreign equipment, which allows to pass accurate diagnosis. Our specialists have developed special gynecological packages for women.Full examination and prevention package for women under and after 40 years
    • Scrapings, screening.
    • Histological examination.
    • Modern instrumental diagnostics.
    • Expert studies
    • Photo colposcopy.
    • MRI devices of the closed and open type.
    • CT with contrast medium and without it.
    • Ultrasound examinations.
    • Colposcopy of the cervix and cervical canal.
    • Laboratory diagnosis.
    • Coagulation.
    • Blood tests for fetal and genital infections.
    • PCR studies on sexual infections.
    • Hormonal correction (including blood tests for hormones).
If necessary, the gynecologist may prescribe additional tests to confirm the diagnosis.
    • To eliminate the inflammatory processes – smear (discharge test).
    • To exclude oncological cervical cancer – Pap test or cytology.
If diagnosed other diseases besides cervical erosion, such as inflammatory, genital infections, you need to treat them first. Especially it concerns STDs – infections transmitted through the sexual contact. Our clinic provides treatment of cervical erosion by European schemes, proven in the world. The epithelial cells can develop into malignant, if you not start the treatment in time.laboratornue_issledovanieCervical erosion: Causes and ConsequencesThe starting mechanism of erosion is infection. Such as streptococci, staphylococci, enterococci, colon bacillus. And STDs – ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, gardnerella. The cervix is infected, inflamed. There should be an anti-inflammatory treatment aimed at removing infections.Vaginal Dysbacteriosis is also a cause of erosion. Due to the improper hygiene and unprotected sex, vaginal flora is disturbed, the inflammation develops, the discharge the can be grayish, with an unpleasant odor.Hormonal disorders also provoke the erosion. In this case, the analyzes on hormones are necessary.Cervical erosion may develop after the microtrauma. And they occur during childbirth, when the uterus is stretched during a medical abortion, with non treated inflammations of appendages and vagina.The mucosa is allocated an increased secretion (white discharge) because of microtrauma. The mucous layer of the uterus is irritated, inflamed cervix structure collapses. The redness appears.Infections in this state penetrate the epithelium much faster. It affects the blood vessels, their walls become thin and break. Therefore, the bloody fluid can be released from the vagina of a woman, especially after intercourse.Erosion and pseudo erosionErosion is called the destruction of any state of the epithelium structure of the uterine, regardless of the timing and extent of damage. Yet the true erosion is considered to be the destruction of the epithelium (lasts no more than three weeks). A pseudo erosion is the pathological lesion of the mucous layer of the uterus, characterized by replacement of normal epithelial by cylindrical cells. They crawl out of the cervical canal. At the same time the destruction of the epithelial layer is not present.It is worth noting that the cervical mucus layer is formed completely only by 20-23 years. If before this age the girl is supercooled, engaged in unprotected sex, does not comply with hygiene regulations, malnourished, lacking vitamins – the pseudo erosion occurs in most cases.LocalizationErosion may cover the entire cervix, placed zonally around the external orifice or small spots of the columnar epithelium on the stratified epithelium. The treatment is prescribed in Kiev in our clinic depending on the location, stage and form of cervical erosion.How to treat cervical erosionMoxibustion of cervical erosion, in the traditional form, is now used less and less. The most effective are the physiotherapeutic techniques. Their advantages – quick result, minimally invasive, bloodless. Microtrauma is fully heal in 1-1.5 months after exposure.Diathermocoagulation (electrotherapy)The epithelial layer is cauterized via weak current electrical discharges. Affected cells are destroyed, the healthy ones are restored. Anesthesia is not needed – the patient does not feel pain symptoms.CryodestructionIt is the method of freezing by liquid nitrogen of ultra low temperature – the cervix is treated by it. As a result, the damaged tissue is frozen, leaving only the healthy cells. The method is characterized by painlessness, there are no damage and scarring remains. Soon you will forget what is the cervical erosion.Laser coagulationIt belongs to the most modern, innovative, safe methods. Struck epithelium section is excised or cauterized by the carbon dioxide laser at 5-7 days of the menstrual cycle. The method gives results immediately, rehabilitation is not needed, in parallel the tumors and swelling disappear. Anesthesia is not necessary, because the pain is not felt during the procedure.Radio wave therapyExposure to radio waves dot on the treated area of the cervix and destroy pathological cell layer. Then, during one and a half months the micro damages heal up completely, and the woman may return to the former healthy life. Scars do not remain with this technique, complications are extremely rare.Note: If you have been diagnosed with cervical erosion, it should be treated regardless of whether or not it bothers you.
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