Genital herpes

Genital herpes infection is rather more difficult to treat. It causes the first type of HSV – herpes simplex virus, which is carried by more than 20% of people (it causes also a rash on the lips). The remaining 80%, according to statistics, the carriers of Herpes simplex 2 virus of the second type. Herpes Zoster. “Sleeping” virus is inactive, in the active stage – manifests itself by disease.genitalnuy_gerpes


“The disease occurs on the background of the weakness or absence of an immune response against HSV – explains Larisa Ivanovna Zadvornykh, the gynecologist of the highest category of the clinic Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko. – Factors that reduce immunity, are different: chronic fatigue, stress, pregnancy.
The organism of the healthy person produces special antibodies – immunoglobulins. When their development is not sufficient, we are talking about that you need to improve immunity. In the case of HSV – specific immune response. During the diagnosis it is also necessary to check the state of the thymus, the lymphatic system. “

Symptoms of genital herpes

There are primary stage of genital herpes and recurrences (repeat). In the first case, the symptoms are more revealing:

  • edema and pain in the genitals
  • burning, itching in the affected area
  • temperature and weakness as at cold
  • bubbles with the liquid in the crotch area, which then burst.

The disease can be asymptomatic, although the person is already infected. The incubation period is from 1 to 26 days. At relapse of genital herpes, the treatment of which is started on time, is tolerated a lot easier. Sores heal faster – for a week or 10 days, twice as fast as compared to the primary stage – from 14-16 days.

The difficulty is that the herpes virus is living not in the mucous skin, but much deeper – in the spinal ganglia. Therefore until the rash “would get” to the visible area – the outer layer of the skin – the person experiences symptoms-harbingers: itching, “boring” nagging pain, a burning sensation in the affected area. First, they are poorly visible, and then – amplified. Already in the early stages you must immediately sign up for an appointment with the doctor. Some types of the virus, such as herpes zoster, is clinically significant.

What kind of doctor you should visit

Treatment of genital herpes in women requires the consultation of an experienced gynecologist, men should go to the urologist. Sometimes the consultation of the related experts is necessary – a dermatologist, infectious disease specialist.


Smear-mark, which is taken from the vials and analyzed in the laboratory (PCR-study).


“Immunization (vaccination) – is quite a controversial issue. It may not be effective in all cases. Previously it is necessary to carefully examine the condition of the patient, make immunogram “- says Larisa Ivanovna Zadvornykh. – Treatment of genital herpes in men and women requires a comprehensive approach. “

  • Antiviral drugs.
  • Immunomodulators.
  • Topical treatment of cutaneous manifestations with antiviral drugs (ointments, solutions).
  • Physiotherapy.

“Laser therapy has a great effect on genital herpes, the treatment of which requires the use of modern techniques – convinces Lyudmila Stanislavovna Barkalova, the physiotherapist of the highest qualification category of the Clinic Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko. – For this purpose, in our clinic we use a powerful device BTL-5000.

The course of the treatment is prescribed individually, carried out from 3 to 6 treatments, lasting 3-5 minutes daily. On the first day can be carried out not one, but two sessions to relieve pain symptoms, inflammation and edema. “

Laser therapy greatly accelerates the healing process. An important effect is in reducing the likelihood of relapse. HSV is inactive without the recurrence, although it continues to live in the human body. In order not to intensify its manifestation, it is necessary to follow precisely the instructions of the physician and to carry out the prevention. Other words, to monitor the health status, avoid unprotected sex, overcooling, exhaustion.

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