Removal of polyps in the uterus

Let’s see what are the polyps in the uterus, how they affect the woman’s body and what to do with them. The polyp of the cervical canal, ie cervical, or endometrial polyp (mucosa, carpeted the uterus) – is a small appendage of tissue. Statistically, it is common in women in 12-19% of cases.

How dangerous is the uterine polyp

It is the benign formation, which, however, can be transformed into malignant. However, this happens only in 3-4% of cases. To avoid this, you need to visit a gynecologist once every six months for routine inspections. Diagnostics will help physicians to intervene in time and to prevent the development of cancer cells.

If it is a large polyp, it can disrupt the natural process of evacuation of the endometrium during menstruation, causing uterine bleeding. On the way of sperm, the polyps are mechanical obstruction, overlapping the entrance to the fallopian tubes and cervix. This means that the cervix can not get the sperm, the woman will not be able to conceive a child. Polyps – the cause of infertility.

Polyps in the uterus: the symptoms

These small hanging parts of tissue may not manifest themselves until the gynecologist find them by accident during the inspection. It is a dangerous and similar disease. It is asymptomatic for months or even years.

Sometimes it expressed by symptoms that are worth paying attention and a visit to the obstetrician-gynecologist.

  • Long menstruation (5-7 days).
  • Abundant discharge during menstruation, exceeding usual by volume.
  • Uterine bleeding (extreme manifestation).
  • Contact bleeding (during sexual intercourse or because of vaginal penetration of a dildo).
  • Mucosal secretions in addition to period of ovulation.

If you find even one of these symptoms, immediately pass a thorough diagnostic examination. Our clinic has a powerful fleet of modern foreign equipment. Experienced professionals gynecologists can help to determine the causes of your condition and will appoint an individual course of treatment.

Polyp of cervix: сauses

Modern medicine has not yet established the exact reasons of occurrence of polyps. But we know that violation of hormone production provokes this deformation. The most risky period falls for the age after 45 years, although polyps in the uterus can also occur at any other age. The formation of polyps is well known due to the inflammatory and infectious sexual diseases, especially in the chronic form. One of the reasons is called a genetic predisposition.

Should you remove a polyp?

This question can be answered only by a doctor after a diagnosis. Women should undergo a general inspection in the gynecological chair, blood tests and research on antibodies, PCR swabs for genital infections, extended colposcopy or hysteroscopy and expert ultrasound of uterus and its appendages.

During the hysteroscopy (visual inspection by a special fiber optic device) can be removed a polyp at the same time. Of course, with the patient’s consent. , it is desirable to send the remote section of the cloth on a biopsy for the further study. It will show if there are emerging cancer cells in the tissues.

One of the most secure, fast and bloodless methods to solve the problem – is the radio wave removal of cervical polyps. In our clinic, it is carried out with the help of a powerful apparatus “Surgitron” (US production). At the same time the base of the polyp is coagulated (bed). At the site of the cut there will be no scar, as tissues are literally sealed with the help of modern radio wave technology.udalenie-polip-matki

As well as removing polyps of the cervix, the laser surgery does not last long – only 3 minutes. Anesthesia – either local or general – is not necessary, because the method is painless. It is conducted for 1-2 days before menstruation or after its completion,it is the best time (except days of the menstrual cycle).

РRadiowave technique is particularly good for patients who have not yet given birth, since the effect on polyp is local, without affecting the healthy tissue.

How to behave after the removal of the polyp

Within a week after the medical intervention it is forbidden to have sex, visit the swimming pool, solarium and sauna. Do not lift anything heavier than 5 kilos. Instead of the bath , prefer the shower with unheated water.

The air travels, trips in any transport are allowed. The main recommendation – stick to the sparing rhythm of life, get enough sleep and take care of yourself.

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