How to choose the cleaning right?

Skin – is the mirror of our organism, the largest organ of the human body that performs many important functions without which the life of any organism would be impossible. This is the barrier between the human body and the environment. In order for skin keep soft and supple, the sebaceous glands produce lipid-secret. Ideally, it is distributed uniformly over the surface of the face, forming a kind of protective film. However, in reality things are not so smooth: due to hormonal, seasonal, age causes, changes in metabolism, the amount of sebum production may increase, leading to clogged pores and the appearance of closed and open comedones. And if the bacteria enter the clogged pore, becomes inflamed, and here already unpleasant pimples on your face. Incorrect care with frequent use of corrosive effects of soap products, water, alcohol-based agents on the skin, leads only to the fact that the skin falls into disarray, and begins to produce more fat. Skin can not get rid of clogged pores by itself. In such cases it is necessary to provide the first aid. The “Facial cleansing” procedure. It helps to remove fat and dirt from the pores, and dead cells of the upper skin layer. As a result, the pores are cleaned, by improving the blood flow evens and smooths the skin texture, slags and toxins are derived. Regular cleaning in a beauty salon helps to significantly improve the condition of problematic skin – inflammation, pimples, blackheads closed and open comedones disappear, the pores become less noticeable, normalizes the work of sebaceous glands.

The most popular cleaning methods in cosmetology

Classical Hand (manual) cleaning

Indications for the mechanical cleaning of the face is oily skin with clogged pores, non-inflammatory acne. During the manual cleaning of the face, comedones are removed by hand in the beauty parlor. It is carried out with the fingers wrapped with sterile cloth and special tools: spoon UNO, needle Vidal, strainer, slotted spoon, a special spoon for the nose. All instruments are sterile. Before the manual cleaning, the face should be cleaned, and the pores – disclosed. This kind of face cleaning removes blackheads and other skin imperfections better than others. Carrying out mechanical cleaning of the face may be accompanied by severe skin soreness, redness of the skin after cleansing may remain for a long time. After cleaning, it is impossible to wash the face for at least 12 hours. Within 2-3 days you also should not wipe the face with water and alcohol-based lotion. Crusts that appeared on wounding pores, can not be disrupted, or locations may form scars. Also it is forbidden to swim for 2-3 days and sunbathing, including a solarium, otherwise you may receive unwanted pigmentation. It is not recommended to perform the cleaning when there is a disease of the vascular nature, increased vascular aches, dry skin, pustular disease, Virunum and fungal skin diseases, asthma. Precautions should be taken to this procedure for people suffering from epilepsy and pregnant (semester 2).

Vacuum cleaning

For vacuum cleaning is used a special tube that, using vacuum, pulls content from pre-disclosed pores. This procedure is painless and non-traumatic. After it usually does not happen inflammation on the skin, improves the lymph drainage, blood supply of the upper layers of the skin, complexion, improves skin tone. Indications for vacuum cleaning are clogged pores, acne (not in the stage of inflammation), and other conventional cleaning testimony.
Vacuum cleaning can be done not only on the face but also on the back and décolleté.

Such cleaning is well suited for dense oily skin, but if there are complex areas on the face with deep contamination in the pores, the vacuum cleaning can not remove all the dirt out. So when deep-seated inflammation and contamination, the vacuum cleaning is necessary to supplement the manual. Despite the fact that the procedure is non-traumatic and painless, vacuum cleaning is not suitable for sensitive, dry skin, with dilated vessels, pink inflamed acne, various dermatoses. For sensitive skin, vacuum cleaning can cause irritation and swelling appearance; the impact of the vacuum adversely affects vessels with increased fragility – in this case the vacuum cleaning may even cause bruising.

Such cleanings are considered more effective:

Mechanical (Microdermabrasion (diamond polishing)) cleaning

Hardware Microdermabrasion, ie facial cleansing from the “dead” cells by exfoliating held device. Diamond grinding is carried out by the diamond nozzle, which is covered with crumbs of different grits. Microdermabrasion promotes skin rejuvenation, smooths its surface, and stimulates its natural renewal. As a result, microdermabrasion: improves complexion, reduces pores, improves overall skin tone and smoothes the wrinkles. Once carried out the diamond Microdermabrasion promotes the full skin renewal, and the course of microdermabrasion eliminates the acne scars, large pigmented spots, removes cicatrixes and even scars. Microdermabrasion does not require anesthesia and recovery period. The time and intensity of the apparatus exposure is selected for your skin type and throughout the mechanical peeling is constantly monitored by a doctor-cosmetologist.
After a course of microdermabrasion you will get not only the outer skin freshness, visible pore reduction and alignment of relief, but also a deep rejuvenation of cells.


Indications for diamond microdermabrasion are enlarged pores, oily skin, acne in remission, facial wrinkles, black comedones on the face, back, even in the corners of the eye area, under the lower eyelid, closed comedones, small stretches.

Not advisable to carry out the procedure when the skin is dry, dehydrated, inflammatory elements, pustular disease, fungal and viral skin diseases, parasitic diseases of the skin, vascular diseases of the skin (increased fragility of blood vessels).

Ultrasonic cleaning

For the ultrasonic cleaning is used a special ultrasound machine. In this procedure, ultrashort waves, which are deeply penetrate the skin and carry out micromassage of tissues, effect on the face, the skin is not only freshens, but also become healthier. After cleaning, pores are reduced, scars heal more quickly and skin irritation goes away. The fat content of the skin due to ultrasound exposure is markedly reduced, so the owners of dry skin should not stop to enjoy a variety of moisturizing creams and masks. The procedure is carried out without prior steaming of the skin that is suitable for skin with vascular net.
Indications for ultrasonic cleaning are all the same: the cases of clogged pores, non-inflammatory acne. Ultrasonic cleaning is absolutely not traumatize the skin. The impact of ultrasound not only produces a deep skin cleansing of toxins, slags, sebum and blockages of sebaceous glands, also during the ultrasonic cleaning of the face the micromassage of skin and smoothing wrinkles is held. Cleaning with ultrasound is good for its non-traumatic effect and totally painless, leaves no residue and redness. At the same time or after the ultrasonic cleaning, it is advisable to carry out the biorevitalisation procedure.

Indications for the use of Ultrasound peels: acne, oily seborrhea, hyperpigmentation, dermatitis, keratoses, oily skin with comedones, atonic skin. Ultrasonic cleaning has its contraindications.

Contraindications: The procedure is not applicable if a face lift with gold threads was performed to the patient, if he has recently undergo a maxillofacial surgery, has problems with the cardiovascular system or the tumor, acute infections. Contraindications include also the second half of pregnancy.

Chemical cleaning of the face (TKB – non-invasive biorevitalization)

The most safe and effective. The principle of operation is the use of Biorevitalisation of the skin based on stabilized trichloroacetic acid (TCA) during the procedure. These reagents destroy dead skin, destroying the relationship between the cells that have outlived their usefulness. The structure of the sebum thus also varies, which allows to get rid of blemishes too. Acid cleaning is used to successfully treat acne. It is a versatile skin care of all ages, with no seasonal restrictions, eliminating the beauty imperfections. For the procedure not spent a lot of time, it is the minimum traumatic and painless, allowing a client to maintain a social activity, occurs without visible changes in the skin.

Indications for carrying out the chemical cleaning: comedones, cosmetic damage, hyperpigmentation, oily seborrhea, atopic skin.

Contraindications to the procedure is bronchial asthma, viral, fungal, parasitic skin diseases, pustular skin diseases.

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