How to restore the abdomen tone after childbirth without surgery

After looking in the mirror after giving birth, many women are very worried: where is it, the formerly flat tummy? Now something entirely different is in its place, resembling a deflated balloon- slightly bulging, and even stretch marks. How to restore the abdomen after giving birth, and to avoid the operation?

Why the abdomen becomes loose and unattractive


When a woman carries a baby, her muscles are stretched and weakened. Body fat in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs increases. This is a normal process, because fat tissue – is a hormones’ depot, without it, it would be difficult to get pregnant. Proof of this – the skinny fashion models and ballet dancers who do not have children for a long time due to lack of body fat.

To make the stomach flat again, you need to do two things: reduce the amount of body fat and tighten the muscles. To do this, use physical activity, good nutrition and, of course, adopt the modern methods of hardware cosmetology. After all, many mothers went through caesarean section. A damaged muscles cannot be pumped up in the gym, stretch marks cannot be removed.

When to start working on the muscles?

Not immediately after the birth – this is going to hurt the fragile organism of the young mother. Proceed to strengthen the muscles, not earlier than:

  • a half or two months after vaginal delivery;
  • 2-3 months after cesarean section.

Otherwise, sutures may break, excessive stretch marks appear, intra-abdominal pressure is increased, which leads to the risk of prolapse of vaginal muscles. Start with a simple morning exercises to prepare yourself for more complex exercises.

Do I need to go on a diet?

The best way to build up the nourishment is to count calories with a calculator as you need them during your activity. This dose can be reduced by 10%. The nursing mother can not go on a strict diet, so consult with a dietitian and gastroenterologist to find out, what to include in the daily menu, and what not to.

The high protein content and low content of animal fat leads to weight loss without much effort. Products with high-grade proteins that the body uses to build muscle:

  • fish (the best is oceanic);
  • meat (chicken, rabbit, turkey);
  • dairy products (cottage cheese, sour cream, milk);
  • hard cheese (if not allergic).

Products with defective proteins that are lacking some amino acids:

  • vegetables;
  • nuts;vosstanovlenie_posle_rodov
  • fruit;
  • cereals (porridge).

Amino acids of these products are connected with other amino acids that contain broccoli, spinach, green salads. These combinations are helping to build new proteins reinforcing all muscle groups.

Vitamins and water

The vitamin therapy (as a natural – vegetables, fruits, so with the help of pharmaceutical preparations) can help to stay vigorous and rehabilitate an organism. And, of course, do not forget about sufficient amount of water, you drink.

If you suffer from kidney disease, then 2-2.5 liters of clean water a day is great help to clean an organism and get rid of the false sense of hunger. You’ll eat less and prepare your stomach for proper weight loss. You should drink water 20-30 minutes before a meal, and in between it.

How to strengthen the abdominal muscles

Abdominal muscles should be strengthened gradually increasing the load. Start small: only 4 exercise groups will help to restore the abdomen after childbirth. They performed in the supine position.

  1. The body is motionless, the legs work. Raise-lower, bend-straighten, make a circular motion – every kind of exercise repeat 10 times. This will strengthen the muscle groups of the lower abdominals.
  2. Legs are immobile, the torso is working. Raise-lower and raise, turn left and right, lower. At 10 times each kind of movement. Thus you will strengthen your upper abdomen.
  3. Involving the torso and legs: lying, pull out your knees to the forehead – rise to the upright position, 10 times. All muscle groups of the abdominal press are working.
  4. The same exercise, but with cross movements. It engages the obliques, making them more elastic. During the footwork, do not forget to raise the pelvis. This activates the muscles even more.

Hardware cosmetology: even faster and more efficiently!

In the body of a healthy woman there is about 25% of fat mass (the index of majority of women is much higher). It is difficult to get rid of it, especially if the fat deposits are located locally, unevenly. The ideal index is 17-18%. The innovative methods of aesthetic hardware cosmetology will help to achieve the effect, close to the ideal.

The clinic Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko offers more than 12 revolutionary methods of the figure correction. The peculiarity is that they are safe, do not involve surgery, and maximally effective. Your tummy will be tightened in a matter of days and will look great.

Beauty Tek-терапия beautytekl

Influences on body fat with the help of micro-currents. It has a strong tightening and rejuvenating effect. The important “trick”: this equipment pass accurate diagnosis of fatty deposits. You will know, with what, how and how long you will have to fight with.

Med2 Contour

Based on ultrasound action. The excellent European method of correction of problem areas. It will help to quickly and safely restore the abdomen after giving birth, providing deep cavitation (vacuum method to fight obesity, cellulite). med2contour


A completely new, revolutionary branch of medicine. Due to the introduction of plasma into the subcutaneous layer, provided a deep lifting, rejuvenation, skin regeneration at the cellular level.

Radio frequency RF-lipolysis

Based on the effects of radio frequencies. Gives a deep lifting, stimulates the breakdown of fats and the withdrawal them from the body, it helps to get rid of stretch marks.

Beautytek Avita Plus (Cymedics AVITA+)lipoliz_1

The best equipment in the US and Europe. Quick and lasting weight loss and skin tightening results are based on the TFR- method with the stable cavitation effect. It allows you to cope with persistent body fat, including abdominal.

Vasily Vasilyevich Danatsko, the chief doctor of the clinic, has extensive international experience in the use of modern cosmetic techniques. It will help you choose a really effective complex therapy. Your figure will be flawless.

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