If the woman doesn’t scream at night – she yells during the day
The opportunity to be with the woman throughout life – the goal is not always possible, but it is achievablesex_jizn There are a lot of reasons for the weakening of the potency, but the main factors are diabetes, hypertension, progressive atherosclerosis, tobacco and alcohol abuse, stress.

Why the potency weakens?

These diseases and bad habits contribute to changes in blood vessels, arterial and venous walls lose their elasticity and strength. This is the main factor in the weakening of potency.  impotenciaIn this regard, it is increasing the role of diagnostics.


This is an effective method for determining the velocity of blood flow in the arteries. Dopplerography of the penis makes it possible to determine the blood flow in the vessels responsible for blood filling the cavernous bodies with blood during an erection, wall condition inside cavernous arteries, venous outflow from the corpora cavernosa, the structure of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. The methodology is used for the diagnosis of the causes of erectile dysfunction (impotence) and is the most informative in disorders of vascular genesis of ED.


Normally, 15 minutes after injection, the erection becomes satisfactory. Maximum flow velocity (systolic velocity) in intracavernosal arteries must be at least 30 cm / sec, and the venous outflow (diastolic velocity) – less than 5 cm / s.
Dopplerography – is rather informative method of diagnosis. It is not invasive, does not require the special preparation of the patient, and is done right on the same day.
The article is prepared by the urologist of the highest category A.E. Kamentsev. vrach_urolog

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