Indications for colposcopy: to whom and when?

Colposcopy – a gynecological investigation method, with which can be thoroughly examined the cervix, the vaginal wall and mucosa of the external genitalia. Colposcopy is performed using a microscope with a magnification of 5 to 30 times. no contraindications colposcopy. The method is absolutely not traumatic and painless, if there is video, the image is projected on a screen or recorded on the photo.

The main purpose of colposcopy:

  • Diagnosis of precancerous lesions and early (pre-clinical) stages of cervical cancer;
  • Enhanced diagnostic capabilities in the treatment of ectopia (erosion), ectropion, polyps, endometriosis, inflammatory processes;
  • The ability to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of treatment methods (cryoablation, laser therapy, local diathermocoagulation and medical procedures);
  • Clarification of a number of physiological changes in the cervix during pregnancy, menopause, contraception, etc .;

To clarify the diagnosis, sometimes doctors need to do some tests, such as a 2% solution of Lugol or 3% solution of acetic acid. This is called an extended colposcopy.

Colposcopy is a diagnostic method, indicated for all women who undergo the regular preventive examination with smears on atypical cells (PAP – smear), and all patients of the gynecologist, especially during the initial visit, as well as in monitoring the effectiveness of treatment of cervical disease , vagina and vulva.

_MG_8276Reliability of colposcopy ranges from 70 to 99%, while the cytological study, according to global statistics is informative 30 to 50% (depending on the method).

Colposcopy should be a priority during the oncological medical examination and detection of preclinical forms of cervical cancer.

Colposcopy is available at our clinic (the simple and extended), with the possibility of photographic images, video preview, and analyze of data according to evidence-based medicine.

In the center of Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko, the photocolposcopy is performed using a colposcope Olympus OCS – 500 (Japan).

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