Maximum diagnostic program of prostatitis

Prostatitis is the disease that can lie in wait for a man of any age (child-bearing) and cause serious damage to the quality of life.


Symptoms of prostatitis:

        • frequent or painful urination;
        • pain in the abdomen or perineum;
        • painful erection.

Finding these symptoms in yourself, do not hesitate – immediately contact a doctor-urologist.

The main thing that every man should know : the flow of prostatitis can be hidden – in the initial stage it does not manifest itself.

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Maximum diagnostic program of prostatitis
Maximum package “Prostatitis” 4645 UAH, discount 3484 UAH includes the following types of diagnostics:
Consultation of urologist
Finger inspection of the prostate
Ultrasound of the prostate and seminal vesicles.
Ultrasound of the bladder with a certain residual urine
Uroflowmetry - examination of urinary function
Microscopy of the secretion of the prostate and urethra
Bacteriological studies of prostate secretion
Package No. 21 "PSA coefficient": Prostate-specific antigen common (PSA), Prostate-specific antigen free (fPSA), PSA ratio
Prostatic secretion sampling for analyzes
Venous blood sempling
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