Maximum power of Light
fggA new season and a new beginning. After the summer holidays, we return to our daily routine with a lot of plans. Experimentation and improvement – the key words, because we know that autumn is felt as something similar to the start of the new year.Therefore, if we decide to follow a healthy diet, and visit the gym, we absolutely can not miss the facial and body treatments. We paid attention to skin care during the summer to ensure its smoothness and evenness, but there is a risk to worsen its condition when it will be hidden under layers of winter clothing. The technology General Project helps us with its innovative solutions, the IPL – intense pulsed light system, an innovative photo-epilation and photorejuvenation – are the methods of skin care in winter, which will ensure the perfect condition of the skin by next summer.Pulsed light is used for care of the skin,  face and body. The light beam produced by the device, interacts with certain molecules (especially melanin) which are present in the deepest layers of the skin to achieve a broad spectrum of biological effects, such as selective photothermolysis of hair, stimulation of collagen production, and enhanced reduction of capillary vessels. Therefore, carrying out a noninvasive dermatological approach, pulsed light offers a solution to several problems, namely: an excess of hair, wrinkles, rosacea, enlarged pores, blemishes.Photo epilation by pulsed light was first conceived as an advanced solution for one of the aesthetic, the most visible women’s issues – namely, the growth of hair. Shaving creams and waxes for hair removal, do not meet the requirements to have a velvety smooth skin for a long period of time.IPL is based on a method called selective photothermolysis to stop hair regrowth. It uses a beam of light (photo), which is transformed into heat (thermal), to destroy the hair follicle (lysis) without affecting the surrounding tissue (selective). Therefore, the goal of treatment of Pulsed Light – not a temporary hair removal, by burning, but the direct effect on the hair follicle.When it is exposed to sufficient heat, the hair follicle, which is the source of hair regrowth, alters its natural properties and ceases to function for a long period of time.PhotorejuvenationThe action of IPL system is as obvious when it comes to skin defects. Facial rejuvenation is also unthinkable in modern aesthetic medicine without this technology. With the help of Flashlamp technology, the pulsed light has a profound effect on the skin, removing the damage caused by the sun, cigarette smoke and smog, hormonal disorders and aging. A beam of light is converted into heat energy and reaches the blood vessels and collagen molecules, which are present in the epidermis, stimulating their activity, carrying out a soft, painless treatment, thereby fighting the manifestations of wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin and dilated capillaries, creating the effect of rosacea. The most modern technology of the non-surgical facial rejuvenation General Project offers revolutionary devices to support the welfare of our skin. Power Flash allows you to enjoy a quick, painless permanent hair removal. Med Flash II and Med Flash II CS, offering the most innovative technology – the phototherapy, to save your face  radiant and young. And winter is finally blooming with new colors.

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