PHOSPHOLIGHT- lipolytic concentrate
lipolitiki_italy_k_sergeryLipolytic action cocktail for correction of localized fat deposits.
  • 5% phosphatidylcholine,2.5%, 5%.sodium deoxycholate
Phosphatidylcholine (lecithin) – phospholipid – the structural element of cellular membranes. He is actively involved in the transportation of substances between cells. It’s direct lipolitik that destroys fat cell membranes.
Good for weight loss and body shaping, especially if the patient has a local fat deposits, that is more difficult to correct. Phosphatidylcholine improves skin breath, acts as an antioxidant (rejuvenating).
The serum composition includes sodium deoxycholate , which destroys the cell membrane of adipocytes. Their content comes into the extracellular space and is absorbed by the macrophages.
2.5% sodium deoxycholate
Sodium deoxycholate – sodium salt of deoxycholic acid. Natural bile component. The main action: splits intermolecular fat bonds. The urination is activated by blocking the reabsorption of sodium in the renal tubules, and therefore, increases diuresis. As a result, it decreases the amount of interstitial fluid, edema is boiled over.
Indications: Localized fatlipolitiki_pohudenie
PROTOCOL: Zone 1 Protocol: 5 ml,
Thighs: 5 ml,
Knees: 2-5 ml
Belly: 5 ml,
Hands: 2-5 ml.
1 treatment every 15-20 days. A total of 4-6 treatments.
Maintaining the result: repeat the 2 procedure in 2-3 months course.
Additional procedures

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