Pitfalls of honeymoon. Tips of the gynecologist

Pitfalls of the honeymoon

Not many things can ruin a honeymoon to the couple except that the appearance of urinary tract infections. The reason is that sexual activity may encourage the penetration of bacteria into the urethra. Many species of bacteria living in the intestines and in the genital area, but not in the urinary tract. In fact, urine is sterile, so when bacteria accidentally falls into the urinary tract, inflammatory process begins. Women are more susceptible because they have a short and wide urethra, but this problem is not only among the honeymooners, some sexually active women get bladder infections each time having sex. It is important to know that burning sensation in the urethra, which many regard as a sign of a urinary tract infection may also indicate some other disease. These include chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis. Simple lab tests can distinguish between urinary tract infection from sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes, UTI can occur without the classic symptoms. A woman can have no complaints. However, an urine test shows the presence of bacteria – this is called asymptomatic bacteriuria that needs treatment. Some tips on how you can reduce the risk of UTIs: • Drink plenty of water • Go to the toilet, before and after sex • Avoid using feminine hygiene sprays • Take a shower instead of a bath Be healthy and let the honeymoon will bring you only unforgettable experiences and sensations. Attachment: the movie “Eat Pray Love” Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem in Bali.

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