prostate adenoma
Adenoma is called an increase in size of the prostate due to the natural tissue proliferation. In fact, this is a benign tumor. There is no doctor who exactly can tell why is this happen. There is an opinion that the growth of the tissues associated with a decrease in testosterone levels in the blood.

The causes of adenoma

In addition to reducing the level of male sex hormones, adenoma of the prostate can be provoked by age-related changes and by the number of inflammatory diseases. Apart from these – big weight gain, bad ecology, stress, etc.
Medical experts also called a sedentary lifestyle as the main reason. If you are doing mental work, we strongly recommend the regular walking and sports activities. If this not helps to prevent overgrowth the prostate tissue, then at least it will delay the process. Adenoma of the prostate – is one of the manifestations of male menopause, so the risk is exposed to every middle-aged man.


For proper diagnosis and staging prescribed uroflowmetry, cystography, aerocystography, cystoscopy, an additional blood test for PSA. The latest analysis, along with transperineal and transrectal biopsy, is carried out to eliminate the prostate cancer.

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Prostate adenoma
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Consultation of the urologist
Finger study of the prostate
Ultrasound examination of the prostate and seminal vesicles.
Ultrasound examination of the urinary bladder with a certain residual urine
Uroflowmetry - primary research
Microscopic examination of the secretion of the prostate
Bacteriological studies of prostate secretion
Package No. 21 "PSA coefficient": Prostate-specific antigen common (PSA), Prostate-specific antigen free (fPSA), PSA ratio
Prostatic secretion material sempling
Blood sampling by a single use system
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