Regen7 Molecule – the discovery of Polish scientists

Regen7 Molecule – is the discovery, which is the result of years of research of the Technical University of Łódź and the Medical University of Lodz scientists. It all started in the 90s when chemists from the University of Lodz started to work on the use of certain pyridinium salts as potential therapeutic agents. The study was conducted in collaboration with biochemists, microbiologists and clinicians at the Medical University of Łódź, and it led to an unexpected discovery.


What is the essence of discovery
It turned out that the selected salt of 3-substituted salts of 1-methylpyridinium showed the unexpected interesting properties. Particular attention of the scientists was paid to the action of vitamin PP metabolite (now known as Regen 7 molecule). The substance has been known for many years, but its therapeutic effects have never studied before.

The long tandem of Polish scientists led not only to the stage of understanding of the mechanism of action of the substance, but also to the practical application by dermatologists. As a result of joint efforts on the basis of the Technical University of Lodz and Medical University, the PHARMENA laboratory was created and the innovative products, which are based on the Regen 7 molecule, were released onto the market.

7 Regen molecule – is a unique substance, patented by the laboratory PHARMENA SA. The patent right (R – 330768; EP 1147086). It is present only in the production of the PHARMENA laboratory.
• vitamin origin substance – one of two major metabolites of vitamin PP (niacin).
• physiological substance – is produced in the human body.
• a natural substance – the extract from seaweed Undaria Pinnatifida.
13563609_574793262703507_1185605667_nRegen7-molecule is a unique active ingredient, the properties of which are confirmed by clinical trials. It protects from irritation and favorably affects on the skin (Pol. J. Pharmacol, 2003, 55, 109). It has regenerative effects and supports healthy skin.
Regen7 molecule improves the microcirculation of the skin and strengthens the hair follicle responsible for hair nourishment. It extends the life cycle of the hair in the anagen phase, prevents hair loss and stimulates new hair growth. Regen7 molecule regulates the sebaceous glands. Do not irritating and is well tolerated by the skin.
From the point of view of its properties, Regen7-molecule has wide potential of application in specialized dermatological cosmetic products, designed to care for problem skin (dermena® skin care), hair care, eyelashes and eyebrows care, if there is a problem of excessive hair loss (dermena® hair care, dermena® lash care).
The combination of carefully selected, high-quality active ingredients has created a unique, patent-protected medications dermena® line.

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