Restoring breast shape after breastfeeding without surgery

Many moms complain that after giving birth and feeding a baby, breast changes its shape not for the better. It sags, becomes smaller, weaker, sometimes there are stretch marks. How to restore the shape of the breasts after feeding and using safe methods?vosstanovlenie_grudi_posle_rodov

Why breast changes its shape?

The breasts of the women are filled with glandular lobules, there are about 20 of them, but with age (after 30 years) there may be less. When a woman breastfeeds, the slices are filled with milk and increased in size. Then the milk disappears, and there is the effect of stretching – the breast becomes “empty”, not filled. It is lowered and it loses its shape.

At that time, when the breast was filled with milk, it weighed more. Ligaments and muscles ceased to hold the mammary gland as hard as before pregnancy. During the time of feeding they too stretched, as well as breasts sagged. There is a growing amount of adipose tissue, exacerbating skin laxity, and its thinning.

How to tighten the breast?

There are several ways, more or less intense. But in all cases mammalogists and gynecologists recommend to adhere to the maximum health security. So, how to get the chest back into shape and elasticity?


Breast reconstruction after childbirth takes place at different rates. If the woman before the birth of a child engaged in a gym, her age under 30, and she kept herself in good physical shape – the breast recovers much faster. But even if you did not keep in shape before pregnancy, it’s never too late to do this.

Exercise should be done in the morning and in the evening, at least 15 (ideally 20 minutes) a day. One of the most effective – breeding hands with weighting. Supine position, arms extended in front of you, elbows bent. Inhale – Slowly lower arms with weighting up until your elbows touch the floor. Exhale – slowly raise your hands to the starting position.

Efficiency is high, the first result is visible after two to three weeks of training. Ignore the slight pain at the beginning of training: beauty doesn’t come easy to anyone. Especially to those who neglects the sport trainings. Still, even banal pushups will necessarily give the effect, if you dedicate this every day.

Proper nutrition

Vitamin therapy – is an excellent reinforcement to physical exercises. If there is lack of nutrition, and not enough vitamins, it leads to the deterioration of the skin. And vice versa. Breastfeeding mothers (or in the period after feeding) will please their bodies, if include in the diet vitamins C, A, the entire group B. This will improve the condition of the skin, make it more healthy.

  • Vitamin A is found in cottage cheese, liver, sea buckthorn, sorrel, boiled eggs.
  • B vitamins – in cereals, meat, fish.
  • Vitamin C – in fresh fruits and vegetables, such as salad peppers, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes.

In pharmacies, there are special vitamin complexes adapted for nursing mothers. But before you take them, you need to consult with a nutritionist.zdorovoe_pitanie

Current hardware methods

That’s what really creates miracles. The clinic Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko uses more than 12 of the latest European techniques for the body correction. In particular – the return of seductive forms of the breast.

Beauty Tek-therapy

The therapy is based on the revolutionary Biocybernetical therapy and microcurrent effects. The lymph flow is activated, and the energy of cells is increased They are tuned to the natural rejuvenation. The procedure is painless. The applicator moves smoothly on the problem areas.

Beauty-current procedure is recommended even for women with implants in the breasts. It increases the elasticity of the chest, as a result it is better copes with the its own weight loads.

For best results, it is important to observe the correct drinking regime. In the absence of contraindications, drink at least 2, 5 liters of pure water in the day of the procedure. The effect is obvious: rejuvenation and breast skin lift. You can to pass the diagnostics of fat deposits at the same unit.

The innovative artificial intelligence program calculates itself how to use massage movements, with what intensity and frequency. The process is controlled by qualified paramedics.

The result is noticeable after the first procedure. It lasts 15-20 minutes. 8-12 treatments can help to achieve the maximum effect.

Other effective innovative methods for breast correction:

  • Beautytek Avita Plus (Cymedics AVITA+) (Medilab,Germany) (hardware method)
  • Injectable concentrates: lipolytic, anti-cellulite, lifting.
  • Professional massage techniques.
  • Mesotherapy.
  • Different wraps (including micro- currents).

The head physician of the center, Vasily Danatsko, with a team of professional assistants will help to choose the correct technique. His experience includes medical practice in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Slovakia. Your figure will be flawless.

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