Returning youth. Facelift with Beautytek Premium

Statistics show that the highest percentage of elegant and well-kept (at any age!) women and the lowest percentage of appeals to plastic surgeons is among French women. Why? Genuine French women love to take care of themselves, but almost all prefer the hardware methods.

Maximally natural 

One of the most effective hardware methods is a facelift with the help of the Beauty Tek Premium device. It’s a great combination of German quality, Chinese alternative medicine with the French approach. And the most important advantage – is the maximum naturalness in the apparent facial rejuvenation.

The fact is that during the course of treatments the skin tissues are tightened to their natural lines. As a result, it does not remain even the slightest hint of interference, which is practically impossible to achieve with a plastic or injection therapy. After a course of manipulation you are getting a fresh, radiant, significantly more youthful face, a smooth oval and elastic skin.

Smart impact

Beauty Tek Premium cleverly affects the deeper layers of the skin, “selecting” the duration of manipulation and micro-flow rate for each individual segment of the face. Beauty Tek knows the state of the cells and continues to impact as long as it will not lead the state of the cells to the best.beautytek

The uniqueness of the method

Your face just looks 10 years younger. And you should not be afraid that some minimal consequences of procedures will be suddenly seen at the failure light, in the wrong perspective or in the company of “watchful” friends. After non-surgical face lift with Beauty Tek Premium they do not exist in principle.

В любом обществе, в любой ситуации, в любое время суток – Вы на 10 лет моложе.

In any society, in any situation, at any time of the day – you are 10 years younger.

Benefits of face lift BeautyTek Premium

  • no pain;
  • efficiency;
  • non-invasive;
  • the absence of rehabilitation period;
  • long lasting result.


  • loose skin;
  • wrinkles;
  • sagging skin;
  • low tone;
  • “Tired” skin an unhealthy color.

Number of procedures

For best results, you need to pass 8-12 procedures. And to maintain the effect, it is necessary to repeat the course once a year.

Important: You can see the results immediately, each subsequent procedure has properties to enhance the effect. The ideal result is manifested progressively and most noticeable after a few weeks after the course.

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