RF-body therapy
The “Clinic of Instrumental Cosmetology ” (CIC) offers the procedure of the radio frequency body therapy at the new unit Beautytek Avita plus (Germany), which allows to get effective results for a short time. In the body cosmetology we use both effects of the RF-treatment: RF-lipolysis and RF-lifting.

Indications for use of body radiofrequency therapy:

    • rehabilitation after the childbirth to restore skin elasticity;
    • the laxity of the skin of any etiology, age or occurring after childbirth, rapid weight loss;
    • stretch marks (striae);
    • removal of localized fat deposits on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, around the neck;
    • cellulitis at any stage of any body parts.

Conducting RF-therapy using the BeautyTek Avita Plus unit



The RF lifting, held on BeautyTek Avita Plus equipment is a painless and effective method. It is conducted by the six-polar maniple. Before the procedure, all metal jewelry must be removed. For the RF procedures, the skin is cleaned and treated with a special RF-Plus cream. The maniple affects high-frequency electromagnetic fields. The temperature is not more than 40-42 degrees, so you feel only warmth. By the end of the procedure will be noticeable redness that will disappear within two hours after completion of the manipulation. The processing of one body zone takes 15-50 minutes depending on the area. After the procedure, it is recommended to drink plenty of liquids, which promotes the excretion of fat decay products from the body. For best results, you need 6-8 sessions. Interval between them is – 7 days, it can be increased (the rate prescribed by the physician is individual in each case). Reduction of collagen that occurs during the procedure, causing a tight fit of muscles to the skin, and after several sessions triggers the production of elastin fibers, hyaluronic acid and collagen. It exerts its beneficial effect on blood circulation and the state of the capillary walls.




The result is noticeable after the first session. The effect will increase gradually, and the result will continue for 2-3 years. It is caused by RF-lifting of the skin, from procedure to procedure, it will increase as the manifestation of the effect of RF-lipolysis. In some patients after the first 3 treatments, the volume of the treatment area can be increased. This effect is caused by insufficient function of the lymphatic system, which is unable to cope with the excretion of fat, which collapsed. After 2-4 sessions, when lymphatic drainage is more effective, the swelling, which caused an increase in volume, passes. This process can be accelerated by means of GP  lymphatic drainage massage


More contraindications of RF-therapy you can find here. The combination with other cosmetic procedures. The efficiency of RF-treatment is very high. In many cases, multiple RF-lifting procedures are sufficient to achieve the desired result. In other cases, the best would be a combination of RF-treatment with other methods based on different mechanisms of effects on the body, such as mesotherapy, GP-массаж, GP-massage, biocybernetic therapy, etc. In each case, we have the opportunity to create an individual program, which will provide a solution to almost any cosmetic problems as soon as possible.

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