The best preparations for biorevitalisation

Biorevitalization – the rejuvenation procedure – is performed on the basis of hyaluronic acid. Therefore, many patients think that the higher its concentration, the better. In fact it is not. If the skin is thin, the physicians use hyaluronic acid not more than 2%, but increase the number of procedures. If to increase the concentration, the face will overflow with liquid, and look edematous and not nice. But correctly chosen concentration, composition, and most importantly – the highest quality of products provide a stable effect of accumulation of Hyaluron, amino acids, vitamins, minerals. The skin just shines.

Peculiarities of selection  

In our clinic we use only professional products for the biorevitalisation from the Italian manufacturer K-surgery. This product is effective for aesthetic medicine, which has no parabens and other harmful substances. Drugs are divided into 4 large groups:

  • Concentrates and creams to remove the pigmentation from the skin – POWER-K.
  • Fillers used against skin aging K-FILL.
  • Gel Peels K-PEEL.tkb
  • Concentrates for mesotherapy, do not contain parabens K-BIO.


The composition of the products of POWER-K series is designed to minimize the defects of the skin, remove age spots, freckles, whitening to conduct, tone alignment.

This line includes 5 types of drugs as a Quick Set: Spot Away, Spot Eraser, Spot Eraser Cream (Creams), OUTIN SAMPLING KIT (in test tubes), Outin Top Kit (cosmetic product in sterile vials).

Features of this product: the impact on the synthesis of melanin, getting rid of the effects of photoaging, which are localized in strongthe epidermis.


This dermal fillers composed on the basis of hyaluronic acid. They do not contain animal products, which ensures a uniform distribution within the tissues.

Application purpose – is to uncross skin folds, fill fractures and wrinkles, increase the volume in the desired locations (e.g., lips), integrate the extracellular tissue material, thereby improving the skin’s natural resilience.

The Italian company K-Surgery developed two kinds of preparations in this range: K-Fill Medium (gel from hyaluronic acid 25 mg / ml HA with syringes 0.8ml) and K-Fill Strong (monophasic gel from hyaluronic acid 30 mg / ml HA 0.8 ml syringes to eliminate deep wrinkles and the skin sagging).

The peculiarity of this series – a high turnover, which increases the digestibility of tissues, does not cause allergies, pain.


The range of K-PEEL provides 9 versatile products to eliminate photoaging, aging, hyperpigmentation, reducing of facial wrinkles, smoothing the skin tone.agecontrolplus

The structure includes alpha – hydroxy acids (AHA) with the lowest molecular weight, which guarantees a better penetration into the deepest skin layers. In addition, products intended for the treatment of acne, superficial scars, hyperpigmentation, seborrheic keratoses and other complicated skin diseases.btxtech

The line feature: composition ingredients interact with receptors of fibroblasts, stimulate the production of collagen and proteoglycans in the dermis, increasing the inner skin hydration.


The line includes anti-aging active concentrates for the lifting of face and body and multivitamin complexes. They nourish and stimulate the cells of the basal layer of the epidermis, restoring the natural tone of the skin, trigger the processes of self-tissue repair.

K-BIO – is 10 innovative drugs that are used for the purpose of anti-aging. They are hypoallergenic, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The line feature – enhanced treatment of the defects of skin, its rejuvenation and tightening, active care for face and body.


The K-surgery products, used for mesotherapy and biorevitalisation, are supplied in a hermetically sealed containers 10, 20, 50 ml, creams – 30 ml.

During the injection, the skilled doctor will not be mistaken in volumes: the average 1 syringe contains 1 ml. This amount is sufficient for the face biorevitalisation. For the zones of décolleté, hands, neck and face 3 ml may be enough. If problem areas are large and require more input material, the cost of the procedure increases.

The drugs have a different expiration date. It ranged from 2 months to 1 year, according to the instructions. In reality, the term of the biorevitalisation action depends on the problems, skin conditions, age and lifestyle. To the smokers, those who are interested in tanning beds and natural tan, drinkers of alcohol, dieters and those, who experience stress, periods of validity of hyaluronic acid and the additional ingredients may be less than the stated.

По каким критериям выбирать лучшие препараты для биоревитализации

What are the criteria to choose the best products for biorevitalisation
It is not only the price, country of origin, existence of the certificate and the information gathered from the instructions. The choice of drugs depends on the following factors:

  • age
  • skin condition
  • immunity
  • the work of endocrine organs
  • the impact zone
  • propensity to allergies
  • beauty treatments, which you passed previously and still planning to pass.

Preparations for biorevitalisation are often used after other treatments for a quick recovery of the skin condition. Consult with the cosmetician-dermatologist to choose the best for you. Having a professional expert opinion, you will definitely be a winner.

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