The frequency of biorevitalization treatments

Biorevitalization – is an effective procedure that returns the youth and beauty. But it can not be used uncontrollably. Before improving the skin of the face, décolleté and hands, put in the tonus the neck, consult a doctor-cosmetologist. We give general recommendations on how often you can do biorevitalization, but each case is individual.

Preventive maintenance

With good skin condition, biorevitalization course is conducted 1-2 times in 20-30 days. This will give a preventive effect: will improve condition of the skin, reduce wrinkles, moisturize problem areas.


For those to whom treatment is indicated, it is necessary to conduct the course of biorevitalization that is at least 3 sessions. The interval between treatments is the same – 20-30 days. Overall, treatment can take anywhere from six weeks to a year. Please note: non injective method produces more durable and consistent results, as the skin is not injured.

The worse the condition of the skin, the more procedures necessary. This will give the opportunity to avoid premature aging, will give an even skin tone, allowing the skin to breathe actively, starts the natural rejuvenation processes.

Security methods

During the injective biorevitalization it is necessary to be maximally careful in the first 2-3 days. Do not touch the face with unwashed hands, avoid contamination of the face, because the risk of infection at the injection site is increased. It is better not to use cosmetics. The skin antiseptic treatment is needed.

The best time of year for procedures

Biorevitalization is good in any time of year. This is a big plus of the method. There are no season contraindications, except to avoid being in the sun, in direct sunlight for 2 days before and 3-4 days after the sessions.

Non-injective biorevitalization has a great advantage, because it requires no recovery period. It is applied to protect the skin from photo-aging before the trip to the sea and after it to restore the state of the face, neck, hands.

The effect is stunning: Hyaluronic acid has the ability to accumulate the hydro reserve, actively moisturizing the skin. This is especially true in the winter: frost, snow and biting wind not so much injure and desiccate it.

Combination with other methodsbio-2

If you made a brushing, resurfacing of the skin, worked on it with ultraviolet light, used a mechanical or laser peels – 1-2 sessions biorevitalization can be performed 2 weeks after these procedures. This will support the skin, restore moisture levels, creates a defense against free radicals.

How to prepare for biorevitalization

Duration of treatment – up to an hour. This should be considered planning your time. Painful sensations at injection method are minimal or absent at all because of the locally applied analgesic. Without the use of injections there is no pain at all.

Preparing for biorevitalization – is first of all the identification of contraindications. So do not be lazy and pre-visit two specialists: a therapist and dermatologist. Plan your visit at least one week before the procedure, to have time to be treated, if necessary.

5 days prior to the first session start taking vitamin K or a range of other vitamins recommended by a physician. This will protect the face, neck and other areas treated from hematoma formation at the injection method.

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