Physiotherapy – is a branch of medicine that studies the physiological and medical effects on the body of natural and physical factors.

There are three main methods of treatment that are used in medicine: medical, surgical and natural.btl-5940-magnet_7f3f55e70b0c9aa_800x600

Drug therapy plays an important role in the treatment of various diseases, but often cause allergic reactions and other side effects. The individual dose to the patient in the treatment by physical methods can be determined during the procedure, and during the initial symptoms of overdose it can be reduced or the procedure stopped.

The surgical treatment is not always indicated, and more traumatic. In this regard, physiotherapy is the most natural and least traumatic treatment.

Physical factors increase the body’s resistance to external and internal shocks.

The structure of the physiotherapy includes electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, reflexology, barotherapy, mechanotherapy, including massage and much more.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of physical methods in the treatment of various diseases: gynecological, urological and other.21248

It is possible to identify the main evidence in the application of physiotherapy in gynecology:

  1. removal of pain;
  2. reduction in the inflammatory process:
  3. restoring of hormonal metabolism;
  4. strengthening of immunity:
  5. restoration of damaged tissue after the surgery, etc.

Today, these physical methods are used in gynecology:

  1. magnetic therapy, which has anti-inflammatory effect;
  2. electrophoresis and electro stimulation that relieve spasm of blood vessels and smooth muscle, which improves blood circulation and has an analgesic effect:
  3. ultrasound therapy, which also improves blood circulation, analgesic and improves hormonal activity of the ovaries;
  4. laser therapy, which activates the metabolism and immunity at different levels.bioptron(1)

These methods are widely used in urological pathology. The main challenges of physiotherapy in urology is to provide analgesic, anti-inflammatory and resolving action, to prevent the recurrence of the inflammatory process, to restore the impaired organ function, increase the compensatory and protective mechanisms of the body, boost immunity.

The most commonly used methods are designed for this purpose in the device BTL-, including a plurality of programs for the treatment of gynecological and urological pathology with electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound and laser therapy.

Unfortunately there are contraindication for the application of the physiotherapeutic treatments: cancer; violation of the psyche; bleeding, fevers, the second half of pregnancy.

In any case, the use of physical therapy requires the consultation of a doctor – physical therapist for the appointment of the procedures, methods of selection and monitoring of the treatment.

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