Hearing from the professional physician the term “myofascial syndrome”, you should know that it is about such disease as osteochondrosis. It affects the cartilage and intervertebral discs, with time the patient begins to suffer from the severe back pain.osteohondroz_250_233

The first step is MRI

The biggest problem is that the degenerative disc disease diagnosis is often difficult because the disease can be confused with others. No wonder – in 80% of cases the symptoms are similar. Therefore, carrying out the magnetic resonance imaging of the spine is the necessary criterion of the treatment initiation. “MRI – is a method of definitive diagnosis of diseases of the spine, – explains Vasily Danatsko, chief doctor of the clinic Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko. ” Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko. – The treatment of osteochondrosis without a spine MRI – is a sign of the incompetent vertebrologist.

Source of the pain attacks

The symptoms of an osteochondrosis depend on which part of the spine disorders are localized. The cervical, lumbar or thoracic section – or several at once – can be under the impact of the disease. In all cases, the blood circulation is disturbed, metabolism is not so active, intervertebral discs become more brittle and “dry out”, losing in height. Any load on the spine is now leading to pain, because the weakened annulus disk no longer stands and can burst.

You will immediately recognize the cervical osteochondrosis, by feeling:

  • headaches, actively attacking at movements;
  • pain in the shoulders, chest and arms;
  • deterioration of vision and hearing;
  • flickering “flies” or small dots before the eyes .

Thoracic osteochondrosis can be recognized, if:

  • pain in the chest, especially when bending and lifting arms;
  • gives pain in the scapula;
  • inhale and exhale causes discomfort and sometimes – a sharp pain;
  • may feel cold, itching, burning sensation in the ankles, calves, feet.

Lumbar degenerative disc disease is diagnosed by the following features:

  • back pain – acute and sharp or chronic, aching;
  • pain increases during movements;
  • the sensitivity of the lower limbs may be compromised;
  • It gives pain in the pelvic area, thighs and sacrum.

Osteochondrosis: the treatment depends on you

What will you do, when the pain pinned down the body, and your movements are limited? Swallow the anesthetic or turn to experienced professionals? The first way is a step to nowhere. The second one very quickly will lead you to recovery, as the high-quality treatment of the osteochondrosis is our specialty.
In our clinic we use more than 20 modern physiotherapy methods. They allow you to:

  • restore the microcirculation;
  • act against the very center of pain that bothers you (a pointwise);
  • quickly reach the relaxation of all muscle groups;
  • in just 1-2 days to cure patients previously unable to move because of pain.

The main advantage of these methods is that the any force effect on the affected areas of the musculoskeletal system is possible. Especially in the acute phase of the disease. In a very short time you will begin to live a normal life already.

Ultrasound Therapy BTL-5000btl-5940-magnet_7f3f55e70b0c9aa_800x600

This method of physical therapy affects the body through sound vibrations. The frequency reaches 22-3000 Hertz. The exposure may be pulsed or continuous. The treatment of cervical osteochondrosis or other types of it is very fast. It is enough 5-minute session for 5-8 days, three to five times a week to relieve the muscle pain, swelling and cramps.

Impulse magnetotherapy BTL-09

The magnetic low frequency current is used for a procedure with small interruptions or without them. This current is constant or variable – depending on the evidence of the attending physician. The biological effect of the method is that the blood flow and lymph circulation activates, renews the power of the vertebrae. Tissues are regenerated faster. Treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease or other types of it takes place in the combination with the anti-inflammatory, antiedematous, analgesic effect. In hypotensive patients, the pressure reduces and state of health improves. The 10-20 sessions lasting from an hour to 60 minutes daily give the healing effect.

Microwave therapy BTL-21btl21

The method is based on warming of tissues in which the heat is accumulated. Liquid media – lymph, blood – absorb the thermal energy as much as possible. The tone of the muscles is restored, the blood flow is activated. As a result of procedures, the exposure to allergens in the body reduces, the immunity increases, the inflammation neutralizes.
Are you dreaming finding the best treatment for osteochondrosis? Refer to the experts of our clinic Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko. We will help you to quickly return to the comfort zone.

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