Treatment for depression and insomnia

266935_defaultSuch phenomena as depression and insomnia, can permanently deprive a person of the quality of life. According to the WHO classification, they are included in the list of the most common diseases in the world. “Treatment of depression in Kiev, as well as related neurological disorders, are effectively implemented in our clinic Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko, – said Vasily Danatsko, WHC, the chief doctor of the clinic. – BeautyTek therapy – is one of the most effective methods of physical therapy. “

Symptoms of the depression

  • melancholy, bad mood.
  • Fast fatiguability.
  • Immunosuppression as a result – frequent colds.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Reduction or lack of interest in life

Treatment of depression is necessary at the first sign of it, or a protracted process may cause disorders of all systems of the body and even lead to death.

Symptoms of insomnia

  • The inability to sleep well, tiredness and weakness after sleep.
  • Interrupts of sleep at night.
  • Early rises.
  • Sudden or constant sleepiness during the day, while at work.
  • Inability to sleep without taking sleeping pills.
  • Depressed mood.

Treatment of insomnia can be the part of an integrated treatment of depression and is one of the symptoms of nervous and mental disorders. As practice shows, the physical therapy and other methods give the best results.
The treatment of postpartum depression, insomnia, and other related conditions requires 7-10 sessions of 5-6 minutes every day or every other day. The method is simple and safe, perfectly combined with other physiotherapy treatments.

Бессонница, лечение которой связано с устранением головных болей, повышенным давлением, усталостью и ослабленностью, быстро проходит.

Microcurrent therapy

The micro-currents on the strong German equipment BeautyTek Premium have the excellent effect. By means of just a few sessions, you can remove the symptoms of chronic stress, run the natural recovery of the body of energy, maximally relax and calm the patient. Treatment of the chronic insomnia and prolonged depression is significantly reduced compared with the conventional therapy.

The relaxing treatments with ear clips lasting 5-10 minutes is especially recommended. The number of sessions is prescribed by the physician. The effect is seen within the first day of the application. We also recommend the individual relaxation program.
Insomnia, which treatment is associated with the elimination of headaches, high blood pressure, fatigue and weakening, passes quickly.

Our clinic offers the innovative German methods of the depressive states treatment. We recommend to our patients the safest and most effective methods that do not cause side effects and addiction.

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