Piler light therapy

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кодНаименование Цена
231Сеанс магнитотерапии одной зоны тела 20 мин350
232Сеанс магнитотерапии одной зоны тела 30 мин450
233Сеанс ультразвуковой терапии отдельной области тела350
234Ультрафонофорез отдельной области тела лекарственным способом250
235Сеанс лазеротерапии красным лазером, одно поле350
236Сеанс фототерапии Биоптрон (поляризованный свет), одно поле350
237Сеанс ультразвукового массажа Новофон, одно поле350
238Сеанс электротерапии (фонофорез) 10 мин350
239Сеанс электротерапии (фонофорез) 20 мин350
240Сеанс электротерапии (фонофорез) 30 мин450
117Урологическая стимуляция 'Стержень - ПРО' 10 мин350
118Лазеро-вакуумная стимуляция450

Polarized, linear, non-coherent, polychromatic light - with the 400 - 2000 Nm wavelength.

Switzerland production apparatus.

It is intended for the prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as to accelerate the rehabilitation process after the disease or surgery trauma, since Zepter BIOPTRON lamp is ideal for wound healing, tissue repair and pain treatment. Clinical studies have confirmed the high efficiency of the device Zepter BIOPTRON in the treatment of childhood diseases, rheumatic diseases, sports injuries, as well as for physical therapy. In addition, it can be used to achieve excellent results in cosmetic skin care.

DiagnosisThe number of sessions per dayDuration of treatment
- Frontitis;

- Otitis;

- Acute and chronic sinusitis;

- Neuritis of the auditory nerve;

- A sore throat;

- Hoarse voice;

1-24 - 6 minutes
- Burns, scars;

- Psoriasis;

- Acne;

- Lichen;

- Neurodermatitis;

- Allergic rash;

- Eczema;

24 - 6 minutes
- Purulent wound;

- Abscesses;

- Chronic trophic ulcers;

- Hemorrhoids.

2-36 minutes
Sport Medicine
- Sprains;

- Soft tissue injury

26 minutes
- Wrinkles;

- Cellulite;

- Redness of the skin;

- Scars;

- Herpes labialis;

1-24 minutes
Inflammatory-degenerative diseases
- Bursitis;

- Inflammation of the shoulder joint;

- Dislocation of the joint;

- Gouty arthritis;

- Heel spur;

- Sprains;

- Bruises and joint injuries;

26-8 minutes
- Toothache;

- Periodontal disease;

- Inflammation of the gums;

24-6 minutes

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