Postoperative rehabilitation

After surgery, the patient begins a completely different life. They need to regain the flexibility and comfort of movement, the ability to fully work, relax and travel. It all depends on how well the post-operative rehabilitation is held.mamoplastika

Individual rehabilitation program

Each body reacts differently to medical intervention. Therefore, the recovery period may not be the same for two different patients. In our clinic Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko are calculated the individual rehabilitation programs. They are based on the European experience, focused on early recovery after surgery, scar healing and relief of recurrence.

First place in the list of rehabilitation measures is the physiotherapy.

For what areas of medicine, is it used?

  • Gynecology, Urology.
  • Aesthetic medicine (plastic).
  • Gastroenterology.
  • ENT (Otolaryngology).
  • Neurology.
  • Traumatology.
  • Dermatology.
  • Pulmonology and others.

Postoperative rehabilitation – is a complex of measures in the development of which involved different doctors: the psychologist, rehabilitation specialist, neurologist, a specialist in physical therapy, physical therapist, and others. We use innovative medical standards.

The Clinic Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko Technical Base – is the latest diagnostic and physiotherapy equipment of the world manufacturers (Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy).

The medical effect of complex rehabilitation

  • Stimulation of metabolic processes
  • Activation of blood and lymph flow.
  • Strong analgesic effect.
  • Removing muscle spasms.
  • Improving the tone of weakened muscles.
  • Improvement of microcirculation of fluids in tissue.

Methods of modern physiotherapy

The impact of the powerful hardware and complex skills of the physiotherapist are aimed at the rapid restoration of working ability, comfortable healing, elimination of edema, and inflammation. And, of course, the reduction of drug load on the body.

BeautyTek Microcurrent therapy

The microcurrent therapy has special effects after plastic surgery. Microcurrents increase the energy at the cellular level, thereby improving the metabolic processes. The tissue repair is carried out much faster.The lymphatic and venous drainage activates, descends the edema, pain goes away. As a result – the skin of the face and chest after the tightening and childbirth is very quickly reversed.

Laser therapy BTL-5000

The laser acts on the tissue, activating the mechanisms of self-regulation. Increases the overall immunity, reduces swelling and inflammation, leaving the pain of the soft tissue area. May be used the red and infrared radiation – depending on the diagnosis. The first one penetrates the tissue surface, the second is for deeper areas. Occurs is a strong healing exposure.

Electrotherapy BTL-5000

Electromyostimulation, electrotherapy – is a great way to rehabilitation, especially after operations on the locomotor system. Electrical impulses stimulate the contraction of the muscles, increase their tone, activate the blood flow.

This method has a superior effect on metabolic processes in the body. Electrophoresis in addition to electrotherapy allows entry of medical preparations locally and painlessly.

Ultrasonic therapy BTL-5000 in combination with phonophoresis

Phonophoresis (drug administration during a session of ultrasound therapy) allows the drugs to penetrate deeply – up to 6 centimeters. The therapeutic effect increases in 2-3 times. The process of rehabilitation of tissues starts, the edema is boiled over.

Additional work – analgesic and anti-inflammatory. In Phonophoresis the active substance accumulates in the tissue, like in the depot, and the body gradually takes it, spreading through the bloodstream. That is why the therapeutic effect is so long.

Microwave therapy BTL-21

Excellent for reducing the period of rehabilitation in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system, after sessions of aesthetic medicine. It neutralizes allergic reactions, increases the overall immunity. The action of procedures is aimed at the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Pulse magnetotherapy BTL-09

Sessions have a restorative effect on all systems and organs. The postoperative rehabilitation is much faster and better. The magnetic field stimulates the compensatory-adaptive reactions of the organism. It normalizes the blood pressure, improves general and local immunity. Considerably reduces the risk of side effects after surgery.

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