Top 10 urgent questions about diet and hardware weight loss

Top 10 responses of the nutritionist or how get rid of the” white elephant”?

Is the result depend on the diet?
Here we have a completely different approach. Diet allows you to lose weight in a certain way that is acceptable in some cases. But often, the diet is not able to help get rid of excess fat in problem areas and there is a need for the Med Contour apparatus – with its ability to remove fat deposits locally, changing proportions of the body with a good efficiency.
How do you feel during treatment?
Treatment is non-invasive. Most of the clients and patients report a pleasant, painless treatment, in which the complications are extremely rare. After completing the procedure, you return to a normal life on the same day. In America, for example, sessions of the Med Contour procedures are carried out during lunch. The session lasts about 60 minutes, you need to spend 6-8 sessions. Although the majority of customers get good results after the first session, some need additional treatment.
Is it possible to carry out treatment of all parts of the body?
Thanks to numerous software for each area, and the low-frequency modulation of specific emission geometry, Med Contour device can be used on any part of the body except the face.
20141811193435Why do some adipose deposits can not be reduced with diet and exercise??
One of the reasons – is poor metabolism of adipose tissue. Physical activity has the effect of reducing the blood supply to the abdominal fat tissue and hips, for this reason, some may feel a sense of coldness in the area. It is driven by a very small amount of fatty acids.
What is the work technology of Med Contour device?
The apparatus Med Contour uses the proprietary ultrasonic nozzle with two emitters for special, controlled emission of low-frequency ultrasound on a certain depth within the subcutaneous tissue, and it was provided to affect only the adipose tissue; due to the specific shape of the nozzle and vacuum, which lifts the tissue to be treated, nearby structures are not affected, such as for example skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue.
Does the device require a special maintenance?MedContour
The oil filter on the rear panel of the unit must be checked and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure proper maintenance. The metal surfaces of the two ultrasonic transducers should also be kept clean and disinfected. The metal tip of the transducer, tarnished over time, is the norm.
Does the device require a special maintenance?
The action of MED CONTOUR system is achieved by means of special ultrasonic nozzle, which has a slightly concave shape and comprises two ultrasound transducers, which are partially opposed to each other. This nozzle is connected to a vacuum pump which creates a suction effect in order to “pull” the fat layer. This concentrates the effect of ultrasound on the tissue raised by a vacuum system, for a completely safe and effective treatment.
Thanks to this, MED CONTOUR machine safely, comfortably and efficiently, working with local fat deposits, providing immediate and notable results without the pain and recovery periods, stimulating the natural lipid metabolism process. The apparent reduction in the treated area can be observed after each treatment session conducted.
Safety of MED CONTOUR is guaranteed by the modulation system, low frequency of 1 MHz.
Why the liver, kidneys and intestines are so important ?
As a key organ involved in lipid metabolism, liver provides the use of the body released fat, and it needs energy for this. If the liver has been damaged or in the past been subjected to heavy loads, it is necessary, first of all, to ensure its recovery. The treatment ensures the release of toxins accumulated in the adipose tissue that must be neutralized and removed by the liver via the kidneys and intestines. Therefore, these organs should operate without failure or maintained properly. Headache and nausea may be indicators of increased toxins in the body.
What results can I expect from treatment?prichiny_vozniknovenija_cellulita_i_sposoby_ego_lechenija
Scientific studies, conducted in Italy and Germany, showed an average decrease in volume by 3.01 cm (min. 0.9 cm / 4.7 cm maximum) after two sessions of treatment of the abdominal area. The professional practice confirms these results. In individual cases, however, it is possible that the reduction in volume will not be as significant or even absent.
Do I need to use a special oil during the sessions?
We recommend the use of our massage oils, which have a fat-splitting and anti-cellulite effect – thoroughly tested and suitable for use in combination with ultrasound tools.

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