Ultrasound examination

Ultrasonography (US) – is the most common diagnostic method, which is widely used in the diagnosis of diseases. Therefore, there are quite a lot.clinics, ultrasound machines and the doctors who perform ultrasound examinations, It is important to understand that there is a big difference between the ultrasound machines. Not only in the price range, but also in the diagnostic possibilities (image quality, installed software).

What distinguishes the ultrasound in our clinic from others

The subjectivity in the interpretation of data obtained by ultrasound examination, requires specific requirements to qualification of the doctor. At the Medical Practice Dr.Dantsko ultrasound examinations are performed by specialists with the European standards and descriptions of the ultrasound examination results.

konsultaciya_urologaВыбирая Choosing the Medical Practice Dr.Dantsko, you get a guarantee that the ultrasound examination will be carried out on  the apparatus of the expert (the highest) level, allowing you to:

  • to assess elasticity (goodness) of revealed superficial tumors or breast cancer formations, thyroid and liver, called elastography;
  • to assess liver tissue structure at its diseases (fibrosis, cirrhosis, steatosis);
  • to identify microcalcifications in tissue in 82.5% of cases;
  • quickly detect the presence of blood in the test object, revealing the circulatory disorders (dopplerography);
  • to diagnose tumors in the early stages;
  • to carry out minimally invasive interventions under ultrasound guidance, such as fine needle aspiration, needle biopsy (FNAB), ultrasound-assisted surgical interventions, superficial cyst puncture under ultrasound guidance.

Preparation for investigations

Expert level

Only the Medical Practice Dr.Dantsko can carry out sophisticated and high-tech ultrasound studies , such as: the lymph nodes, ultrasound examination, ultrasound of tendons and nerves, ultrasound of the eye, and many others.

The mandatory standardization of research allows to minimize the subjective factor in the evaluation of results and reproducibility.

The greatest advantage of our clinic is the high professional level of medical diagnosticians. They have more than 20 years of experience in the diagnosis by ultrasound.

Do you want to be confident in the quality of ultrasound diagnosis? Stop the choice on the universal Medical Practice Dr.Dantsko. There are all conditions for carrying out the expert level ultrasound studies.

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