What kind of excuses we tell ourselves to cover up our obesity?
A person comes a long way to the diet, as much as to religion, first consoling themselves with excuses, then already beginning to think about losing weight. What kind of excuses we tell ourselves to cover up our obesity?And really, why do we – feminine and attractive – need to lose weight? Does not fit in the quite not so old jeans? – You can go out and buy new ones. Your husband makes remarks? – Well, he is not so fit and toned either. Men ceased to pay attention in the public transport? – OK, who needs the compliments and enchanted glances at all? And besides, I’m a grown woman, I have a child (grandchild, great-grandchild), and the job,and a husband who must love me, the way I am.How many excuses of all kinds of I’ve heard in my life from women who would have understood that the cake with custard before sleep is an unaffordable luxury. Unfortunately, we often stop to pay attention to our body, stuffing the mind with ridiculous excuses, arguing that it is not so bad and it could be worse. For example, American women – that’s where the real problem, and I have just temporary or  age body transformation. In this article I would like to highlight the most realistic and common women excuses about losing weight.“I gave birth. You should, (eighteen year girl / guy), first to have a baby, and then criticize. ” One of the sacramental excuses. First women do not worry because of the 10 gained kilos during pregnancy, and then they are used to 30, 40 and so on. In fact, this increase in weight after pregnancy – is not the norm, on the contrary, it is a sad exception. For today I personally know a dozen of new mothers who do not gain any extra kilos during the pregnancy. That’s what I call normal. The most common female “excuse” is a chimeric itself.«I like myself plump! Even at school, all the teachers admired my cute round cheeks, and now men are crazy about me. Everyone knows that they love plump ladies”.  Of course, they love! Most of them can not look at all these Hollywood stars, and  they totally sick of all these models. It’s a way better to cuddle with the donut-shaped beloved. This excuse has weight only if a woman has a natural “right” fullness. It is wide hips (and wide, not only due to the layer of fat, but also the structure of the bones), large bulging buttocks, lush high chest, in proportion to the slender waist, full legs. In short, if you are not Shakira, the body may not be attractive, neither for you nor for men around.“My completeness is because of my age. Yes, in the twenty years I have been the spitting image of Brigitte Bardot, but not everyone can look as well as this actress after the 30 (40, 50) years! Most women get fat with age, it is the inherent nature, hormones “. That’s right, and that has recently eaten sandwich does not play any role in the weight gain. And, look, all around are plump with age! And among women after fifty is generally difficult to find one that does not look like a loaf. Indeed, age changes a woman, and is rarely found that women treasured constitution, in which the figure retains its proportions and volumes throughout life. The rest need to deal with age-related problems. And to those, who calm themselves with the excuse of inevitable completeness after 35, you can only sympathize.“I’m the way I am. I know, I’m chubby, and I have no worries about this at all. ” This is not an excuse, but the whole way of thinking. If all this is not an imaginary and there are no complexes behind these words, it may be that woman is right. This is the only excuse that is accepted and even admired. 

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