What peels to choose to solve the problem?

Peels are selected according to two criteria: the depth of the impact and appearance. The best advice on the choice of peels will give a cosmetologist, because each person’s skin problems are individual. The skin condition, age, characteristics of the organism, susceptibility to allergies – are the important points that affect what a peeling choose.piling

Types of peels

  • Chemical (acid – is the most popular).
  • Mechanical.
  • Ultrasonic.
  • Laser.
  • Plasma.

Features of peels

They positively affect the corneal skin layer, removing it carefully. Acids and cocktails stimulate synthesis of ceramides – lipid molecules, there is a natural moisturizing of the skin, renewal of the epidermis. The blood flow and lymph flow is activated by laser and ultrasonic treatment, there is a thin skin resurfacing.


  • Anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Antioxidant effects.
  • Skin rejuvenation.
  • Increasing of the local skin immunity.
  • Activation of collagen and elastin.
  • Thickening of the dermis and skin tightening.
  • Elimination of defects.


Courses of peels are held only in the colder seasons. The sun with its UV light is not as active, and hence, not exacerbated by the effect of photo-aging. Each course of peel includes up to 6 sessions. They are usually carried out once a week for 10 days.

The depth of exposure

  • Superficial peels.
  • Medium depth peels
  • Deep peels.

Superficial peels

It solves the problem of tired skin with an unhealthy sallow hue. The skin is gradually recovering, when the dead skin cells are cleaned off.


  • The procedure does not last long – up to 10 minutes.problemii
  • There is no recovery period – you can immediately go back to work or go about your business.
  • Fine wrinkles are removed, the skin becomes smooth.
  • The technique is very gentle, it does not break the skin layer.


  • Duration of the course.
  • A minimum of 6-10 treatments.
  • Indicated only when minor skin defects.

Medium depth peels

It solves the problem of deeper wrinkles, rashes, acne, sometimes – dark spots. During the procedure, the corneal layer of the skin is peeled off. Dead cells are removed, so skin is taking deep all the creams, masks, gels that are applied to it. Such skin can be actively affected, providing a lifting effect.


  • It helps to get rid of wrinkles, scars.
  • It removes scars.
  • Disappearing traces of acne.
  • Removes skin blemishes.
  • Rejuvenates.
  • It ensures a longer effect than superficial peels.
  • It takes only 2-4 treatments.
  • Courses are carried out with an interval of at least 1.5-2 months.


  • A slight burning sensation during the session.
  • It requires a recovery period of 3-4 days.
  • During rehabilitation, the skin can peel off, be tightened.
  • Natural matte color is restored after a few days after the session.

Deep peels

It is carried out only in a hospital under the supervision of an experienced doctor-cosmetologist. It solves the serious problems with the skin. The phenol-based products are used : by efficiency, they equate to plastic surgery. But deep peeling does not replace the operation itself. It is prescribed mainly after 55 years.


  • It helps to get rid of age spots.
  • The deep wrinkles are removed.
  • Increases elasticity of the skin, restores color.
  • Removes cicatrixes, scars, stretch marks, post-acne


  • Aggressive action on the skin.
  • The long rehabilitation period – up to 1 month.
  • Running only a local limited areas of the skin.
  • There are more contraindications than in conventional types of peels.

Skin care after the peel

After each type of peels is shown its own special care. Deep peels require more attention than the surface or medium. After it the skin may change color, be shelled, there are micro cracks and sores.

Because of the deep damage to the epidermis sometimes occurs swelling. The skin can be highly sensitive even for six months, a year. Therefore, please note the maximum hygiene of the face, avoid saunas, swimming pools, and active UV in the specified period of 1 week by a physician. After the Jessner Peel and deep cleaning it is forbidden to wash the face 2 more days.

Methods of care after peels are always directed to the skin moisturizing (creams, foams, gels), and restoration of the skin layer. Therefore is recommended cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, calcium and sodium ions, amino acids. Scrubs and decorative cosmetics in the first days after the peel should should be excluded. It is necessary to use funds with a high sun-protection barrier.

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