Why am I not losing weight? 6 answers to dispel all doubts
The first mistake we make, starting a diet – completely lose determination, not seeing significant results. We tend to lose confidence in ourselves, because it is not in a position to achieve this goal, in spite of the efforts. Our energy and effort, probably not aimed at the right direction. Apparently, we are making some kind of mistake. Arrow of scales may not be on our side if we are sedentary. Sport activities help to build muscle mass, and we gain weight when body fat is not reduced in the same proportion.pohudenie_snigenie_vesaAnother possible explanation is that our counting calories is wrong. We must look at the daily rate of about 1,500 calories. It is approximately, but if we are still unable to lose weight, the solution may be to reduce the norm up to 1,400 or 1,450 calories. And yet – tips and good habits, which we must not neglect.
  1. Do not try to compensate for the calories lost during sports
Sports involve the burning of calories. But many people believe that because they work out, you can afford to eat as much as you want. This increases the risk of losing all the exercise results.
  1. .The importance of rest
Sleep is important: it increases the resistance of the body and helps to improve its work, prevents the slowing of metabolism.
  1. The problem is not only in food
When going on a diet, we are focusing on nutrition. But we must not forget that even alcohol and high calorie beverages play their, albeit a minor role. Therefore, it is necessary to limit fruit juices, smoothies and all the sweet temptations.
  1. Receiving minimum food – is not the solution
Too strict diet may inhibit weight loss. If you eat too little, you expend less energy, run the risk of slowing down the metabolism.
  1. Be consistent
It is important to consume an equal amount of food. The same consistency is good to apply to physical activity.
  1. Choose a suitable physical activity
Regular physical activity is important for progress. But when physical activity is focused on weight loss, we need to know what kind of activities will help us burn fat. Ideal sports in this case – aerobic, such as walking, jogging, cycling, non-intensive swimming, cross-country skiing, exercise bike, treadmill. If this does not help, why not consider the correction of the figure, which will give a new form of the body? Devices designed and improved by General Project, are completely safe. This is the latest technology in order to maintain muscle tone and fight cellulite.Med2 Contour – an innovative device produced by General Project. It uses the power of ultrasound, focused on areas of concern, such as the “orange peel” or fatty deposits. Ultrasound works by reducing the volume of the treated area at the first application. You will immediately notice the loss of centimeters, the skin will be supple and toned.

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