Why do women need oncological medical examination?
The number of people who like to be treated is small. As stated in German proverb: “A man – is the place where he feels pain in.” But there are diseases, including gynecological, which for a long time does not manifest itself. In particular, we are talking about cervical diseases – erosion, dysplasia, and fibroids, cysts, cancer.

Symptoms that require a visit to the gynecologist

Many women after the childbirth delay the visit to a gynecologist for 5 -7, and even 10-15 years. A person thinks that there is no need in seeking medical attention, if nothing hurts. But there are a number of warning signs that should alert every woman:

  • intermenstrual spotting;
  • abundant prolonged menstruation;
  • post-menopausal bleeding;
  • long liquid discharge with an unpleasant odor, sometimes mixed with blood;
  • contact bleeding (after sexual intercourse);
  • nagging pain not associated with inflammatory processes in the kidneys;
  • prolonged low-grade body temperature.

Somebody hopes that if you do not notice the problem, it will resolve itself. Someone does not believe in the competence of the doctors, trying to adapt to painful sensations. As a result, the life that is given to the joy, the love, the birth of children, turns into a chain of suffering. Only the timely visit to the doctor, the correct diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment, will help avoid problems in the future.

Be healthy and beautiful!

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