Why ultrasound is more effective than a diet?
Diet is not always associated with a loss of body fat in those areas where we need it most. That’s why Med2Contour, the equipment of the General Project company, is an ideal way for the treatment of fat deposits and cellulite. Bodycontour_Behandlungsbild_MC With Med2Contour apparatus which sends ultrasonic waves to a particular spot in the body and destroys the unwanted fat. At the same time the neighboring tissues, skin, blood vessels and nerve endings remain unaffected. Pain sensation does not occur either during the procedure or after. A side effect can be called a lifting of the skin and cellulite reduction (by reducing the number of fat cells). The ultrasound perfectly removes the unnecessary from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, waist. The procedure is not practiced in the head area (amount of fat is not enough), so it is not suitable for chin correction.Losing weight with the help of ultrasound The apparatus generates ultrasonic vibrations of high frequency (220 kHz), which act on the fat mechanically (rather than heat) and disrupt the cell membrane and fat cells. Fat is decomposed into simple components and enters the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Some of them are absorbed by macrophages (bacteria “eat” the garbage), part of them enters the liver. Liver naturally recycles them as does not “see” the difference between excess fat – the product of the procedure – and the fat, originating as a result of food intake.Details In one ultrasound procedure the amount of adipose tissue decreases in 3.4 cm (500 ml). The maximum result for today – 6 cm It depends on the individual metabolism and reactivity of the body, so a comprehensive survey is carried out before the procedure. In particular – the biochemical blood test to detect abnormalities of the liver and lipid metabolism. If a woman has a first degree of obesity (and above), that is the body mass index is greater than 29, then the procedure is contraindicated. Also the patients are tested on viral hepatitis and get the ultrasound of the abdomen.The ultrasound procedure is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, skin diseases in the affected area (dermatitis, psoriasis), any tumors, cancer, liver disease, hepatitis, and girls up to 18 years.5deef1_1011e7d83b1545a990bc6071a1f6a57fThe destroyed fat cells are eliminated from the body within two weeks after the ultrasound procedure. The main wave is in the first 3-4 days. At this time it is especially important to follow a diet low in fat and carbohydrates, eliminate alcohol and to drink at least 2 liters of water, not including tea and coffee. To speed up the withdrawal of toxins from the body, it should be possible to increase the physical activity or longer engage in the gym (if you are already engaged in), or start to perform daily walking or jogging.The optimal course is consist of 3 ultrasound treatments with an interval of 2-2.5 weeks. After the procedure, a massage is useful in the treatment area to speed up the withdrawal of the breakdown of fat into the lymph. Such procedures are suitable for women who are overweight.Ultrasonic cavitation is a popular procedure based on the principle of ultrasound. Also is quite popular in our time, the procedure of pumping of fat using vacuum suction. In order to undergo this procedure, you should come to our qualified medical doctor to the Clinics Of Instrumental Cosmetology “CIC” which can recommend you the right way to lose weight. But in order to avoid this, try to always keep track of your digestion, eat more vitamins and less of foods that contain carbohydrates and cholesterol. Instead of pasta for dinner, eat the boiled chicken breast, because this product is much more useful than the flour. And visit the gym from time to time. These techniques will help you to always maintain the figure in good condition, and bring order to your health. Thanks to our advice, many women lost weight by 5 kilograms or more, and still remain in good shape.

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