Woman and the sun: who wins?

Why you should immediately visit a gynecologist after a trip to the south? Very few people know this, but the sun exposure for the female body is not only the beautiful tan. It’s stress, and only for the skin. It affects even the internal organs up to the hormonal reorganization.

Why do we age because of the sun192484

The solar (ultraviolet) rays have small wavelength, but a great power.It is enough to stay under the direct ultraviolet more than usual and not only the skin will suffer – the internal organs, hormones, mood of the woman, her psychological balance are also under attack.

Why is this happening? The ultraviolet light penetrates the skin tissue at 1 mm, and sometimes – 2 mm, but its power is incredible. If to “overdose” the sun, the tiny protein molecules begin to decay rapidly. This is called the photolysis. The body starts to produce a lot of biologically active mediators (serotonin, histamine). The blood flow carries them throughout the body, creating a chain of unexpected and uncontrollable reactions of the internal organs and the nervous system.

Sun and Skin

Slight redness of the skin – is a burn. If the woman smears the sore spot with the cream and forgets about it, there is always the reaction: the delayed reaction (after years of sharply manifested disease), either the reaction is instantaneous – the skin is peeling off, the early wrinkles and pigmentation appears. Especially it concerns the pregnant women, the organism of which is particularly vulnerable.

Ultraviolet light can alter DNA (carrier cells of hereditary genes). If you adhere to the correct solar mode, the effect will please you: acne disappear, the skin becomes smoother, and you get more beautiful color. If you can’t resist the long tan, and then repeat it, the healthy cells can gradually mutate into cancer. According to researchers, these negative changes provoke repeated sunburns.

The sun and the woman’s breasts

The women’s diseases are exacerbated by direct sunlight. This is especially true of unprotected skin. Sunbathing topless in the appendage to a beautiful tan, the woman receives a specific sunstroke of nipples. Mastitis, which is quietly waiting in the wings, shows itself in all its glory. The breast fibroadenoma and papilloma may come back to haunt.

The sun and the menstrual cycleestrogen

It is especially dangerous to sunbathe during the enhance of sex hormone – estrogen. This happens to be since the 1st to 5th day of the menstrual cycle. Progesterone, becomes less produced by the ovaries of women. And estrogen – becomes more produced.

The sun stimulates the hormonal storm. The woman has the mood changed dramatically, fast fatigability appears. Even innocent things become annoying: the husband looked wrong, the child ran the wrong direction, “… and generally leave me all alone!”. An important piece of advice: avoid direct sunlight during the critical days and get enough rest. It is advisable to sleep as much as you need for a good rest.

The body loses blood, there becomes less iron, body defenses weaken. Due to attenuation of the blood flow, the brain loses nutrients and oxygen carried by blood. The forgetfulness appears not on age: “why do I go there, and what do I want to do?”. In some European countries, menstruating ladies have the days off according to the number of days of monthly. We do not have such privileges. So you need to keep yourself and not to aggravate the weakened state by “frying” in the sun.

The Sun and reproductive organs

Bright light stimulates the hypersensitivity of female genital mutilation. They are painfully react to hormonal fluctuations. Especially the ovaries producing sex hormones, mammary glands, uterus.

Due to the activity of UV light penetrating into the body, and increased production of estrogen can disrupt the menstrual cycle, there is also pain during menstruation. This is due to elevated levels of prostaglandins calling uterine contractions. Become aggravated such diseases as endometriosis, fibroids, fibroids. If they had bothered you before, do not overdo tanning.

How to sunbathe right?

Do not give up the sun at all. Ultraviolet light helps skin to synthesize vitamin D, which improves the condition of the skin and helps to prevent depression. Sun rays in reasonable doses stimulate the blood flow and activate the hormone serotonin, which improves the work of nerve cells and in particular – the brain.

When should we sunbathe?

The golden rule is – before 10 am or after 16.00. But the rule can have exceptions: vary the time, if you see that the sun is too hot.

How long to sunbathe?

Start with 15 minutes and gradually increase the duration of tanning for 5-10 minutes. But do not stand in the sun for over an hour straight.

What to wear to sunbathe?

Alternate the beautiful swimsuit with the loose clothing made of natural fabrics that are perfectly ventilated and absorb moisture. Do not forget the hat or panama: head should be protected in order to avoid the sunstroke. Sunglasses will protect the eyelids and help to avoid the premature wrinkles.

How it is forbidden to sunbathekrem

If you’ve just come out of the water and immediately framed the body under the scorching sun – expect the burn. Small droplets – is a tool of refraction of sunlight. Have you seen how to make fire, substituting a magnifying glass under the ray of sunshine? Water droplets act as a magnifying glass. Soak up the body with a towel, then dry off.

How to protect yourself from the sun

Pay attention to the tube of sunscreen. The greater number near the SPF index (15, 20, 30, 40), the better. Multiply it by 15 – and get minutes, during which the cream will really protect you. Apply it half an hour before sunbathing and immediately after the bathing, since the thin layer is washed away in the water.

Do not forget to schedule a visit to the doctor-gynecologist after a trip to the resort. This will help to avoid the aggravation of diseases, of which you never knew existed.

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